KMSpico is software used a lot today, especially for windows 10 and office 2013, 2016, 2019. But most people really don’t know what KMSpico is? Why the software is used so much, as well as how to use this software. So in the article below, KMSPico 11 will share with you all the knowledge you need to know about this KMSpico software. Follow the article to know.

What is KMSpico 11.0.4?

What is KMSpico 11

KMSpico is a software that automatically connects to the KMS server copyrighted by Microsoft software. Then will compare with the software version that you are using to get the license key to activate the copyright.

KMSpico is a free software created to activate the copyright of the latest windows and office based on Microsoft’s KMS technology, a manufacturer of all kinds of Windows and Office today.

In addition to the fastest license activation for Windows 10 software, kms pico also active and supports the latest versions of Microsoft office today including 2019, up to the older version, 2016 or 2013, very easy and convenient. profit.

This software is very easy to use. For those who do not have a lot of knowledge or are not tech-savvy, it can be easy to activate copyright very quickly.

What is Microsoft’s KMS technology

According to the Wiki encyclopedia : KMS stands for Key Management Server, this is a service provided under the Microsoft Volume Activation 2.0 solution. This is a service that activates Microsoft products legally. Available at:

KMS allows automatic activation of Microsoft products in their intranet, eliminating the need for PCs to connect to Microsoft to activate product copyrights.

License activation by KMS technology is valid for 180 days, meaning software license activated by KMS is valid for 180 days.

After that, to maintain product license, computers must renew by activating, connecting to KMS server at least once every 180 days. By default, the KMS client will try to renew every 7 days.

If the activation by KMS technology fails, the user’s computer is prompted to update every 2 working hours. After renewal, Microsoft software licenses will be effective 180 days from the date of renewal. Currently, some stores sell Windows licensed computers to customers in this way.

Using KMS Pico software to activate with KMS technology will prevent the user’s computer from limiting malicious code like other copyright-activated software. But it has a slightly annoying downside that will have to re-activate every 6 months of use.

What can KMSpico software be active?

  • Windows vista business / N / enterprise / N
  • Windows 7 professional / N / enterprise / N
  • Windows 8 / 8.1
  • Windows 10 all versions
  • Office 2007/2010/2013 / 2016/2019
  • Windows server 2008/2008 r2
  • Windows server 2012/2012 r2
  • Windows server 2016

Link download KMSpico 11.0.4 latest version now

Password: 12345

Currently, KMSpico 11 software version is the latest version used worldwide. And below we have shared to you the download link. Click on the link to download it

Note : Before you download the software, please turn off the anti-virus software or window defender . Otherwise, the download will fail because it is mistakenly reported as a virus

The links above do not have a password. You click on the download link and wait for the capcha to finish downloading, unzip and use normally.

If you download it from Filedwon ‘s archive . Then first you click on the link above, then press the Gooo key and wait about 10 seconds, the capcha code appears. You enter the standard captcha code, the link to download the file will appear directly for you

Instructions for installing and using Kmspico 11

With Kms Pico installed

Step 1 : Download the software to your computer

Step 2 : Turn off anti-virus software, firewall (Windows Defender) and extract the software, because the software will misunderstand the software’s activation file as a virus and delete it if you don’t turn off the anti-virus software and Windows Defender

Step 3 : Install the tool as usual

Step 4: You search for KMSPico software after installing in Start (lower-left corner of the screen) or go to the search bar and type “KMSPico” and start the software.

Step 5 : On the interface of this tool, click the red button to activate Windows or Office

The software will automatically run in a few seconds and you will be finished active Windows or Microsoft.

With the KMSpico Portable version

After downloading to your computer, extract and run the KMSpico file in the extracted file, the tool will automatically find and activate Windows or Microsoft Office operating systems.

If you don’t have time, you might want to use the Portable version instead of the installer. Go to the KMSpico Portable folder and then click on the AutoPico.exe file to run, when the run starts, we will hear English talk about something, when the sound is over, Active is finished, only about 3 -5 seconds.

After Active is complete you can delete KMS pico away, your Windows and Office will still have copyright. And install it again next time if needed.

Salient features of Office 2019 Full

When using KMSPico to activate the full license of Office 2019, you will have the outstanding features of this latest version of Office below.

On Office 2019, Microsoft has added a series of new features for Word, Excel, PowerPoint,…. In particular, OneNote has been officially “expelled”.

Text translation support

On Word 2019, Excel 2019 and PowerPoint 2019, the giant of Redmond has added a new feature called Microsoft Translator, which allows users to translate all or part of selected text. To access the feature, first open the document file to translate, then find and open the Review tab => click the Translate and Language button.

Word 2019 supports text-to-speech

The next notable feature on the software giant’s latest Office suite is Word 2019. Accordingly, the text editor program has added Focus Mode (focus mode). , designed to help users focus, less distracted by other applications on the interface.

In addition, Word 2019 also added new Learning tools including: text-to-speech engine, text spacing and translation tools. And finally Mac users can customize the Ribbon.

Email management is easier with Outlook 2019

Similar to Word 2019, Outlook 2019 has also added a new Focus mode called “Focused Inbox”, which helps to optimize the process of managing and composing emails. In particular, users were able to use the “@” command to tag people in emails and contacts cards.

Additionally, Outlook for Windows is adding a travel card and a mailing card. The Mac version adds many new email templates and email scheduling features.

Both Windows and Mac versions include Office 365 Group integration.

PowerPoint adds many transitions

PowerPoint 2019 is also improved better, support for displaying and manipulating 3D models and SVG files, the ability to export slide files to 4K UHD video format, new transition effects, ….

OneNote is released as a UWP app

The biggest change on Office 2019 is OneNote. Accordingly, OneNote was officially “expelled” on Microsoft’s office suite and released as a standalone application, replacing OneNote 2016 (although OneNote 2016 is still available and supported until 2025. ).

The new app, called OneNote for Windows 10, includes Ink-to-Text support, improved synchronization between connected devices.

Excel adds new functions

Excel 2019 is also updated and added a bunch of new functions, including: new functions (namely CONCAT, IFS, MAXIFS, MINIFS, SWITCH and TEXTJOIN), new chart options, map support 2D.

Additionally, the Windows version adds additional features including Power Pivot, Power Query, and the ability to export files to Power BI.

Draw freely with a digital pen

In addition to the above features, Office 2019 also adds and supports freehand drawing with Microsoft’s digital pen. Users can take notes or draw, … on their documents, at will.

Monthly security updates

Finally, Office 2019 security features will be updated on a monthly basis and reduce bandwidth usage.

With such unique features, do not hesitate to download and immediately own this modern office software for your computer.


KMSpico is very useful software in activating Windows and the office. Thanks to KMSpico software, win 10 or office 2019, 2016 and 2013 or newer versions can be updated easily and conveniently. Hope this article is giving you useful knowledge about KMSpico. Please like and share this article if you find it good !!!